Monday, March 10, 2008

The inevitable becomes a reality

Friends, family, colleagues: you knew it would eventually come to this. In high school, my friends fake-voted me "Most likely to be an aerobics instructor and own a health food store." My oldest child tells people she doesn't eat at McDonald's because "it's not good for [her] tummy," and that Old Country Buffet "makes people get too big and then they die." tee hee. I'm currently sitting on my fitness ball in my very corporate office because I haven't successfully talk our HR people into investing in those treadmill work stations developed recently by Mayo (I haven't given up yet, so stay tuned) and I refuse to let my body rot in a cushy office chair. Besides, I look so freakin' cool, like so:

Who knew office workers could be so hot?

I'm one of those moms who brings her own canvas bags to the grocery store and lectures her parents about the importance of recycling and buying fragrance-free hygiene products. I bought the whole family SIGG bottles and tell anyone who listens that plastic will bring about the death of our planet. We just registered our eldest child for kindgarten at the nearby environmental magnet school, where each classroom has a composting box, and the kids sell notecards they made out of bark in order to raise money to buy a sheep (or other sustainable living item) for a poor family in a Africa. My youngest will soon attend a daycare that makes all their food from scratch - using mostly organic and locally grown food - uses cloth diapers, and cleans with all natural cleaning products.

It should be no surprise to anyone, then, that I have decided to create a blog dedicated to informing anyone who will visit it about the joys and necessities of green and healthy living. In the process of researching material to post here, I hope to reduce my own negative impact on the planet, improve my family's health, and motivate myself to get started on the green home remodeling project scheduled to commence within the next year, or twenty, depending on if and when we sell our other home (long story and not all that interesting; to summarize, I hate the housing market of 2008).

So stay tuned, dear reader, as I do my best to make this the best of the 9,354,001 blogs currently in cyberspace dedicated to this trendiest, yet highly relevant and important, of topics.

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