Monday, March 10, 2008

Why am I doing this?

I realized, after re-reading my first post, that I really sounded like some holier than thou tree-hugging perfectionist. While it's probably accurate to say that I have some strong and not always flattering perfectionist tendencies, they're not really related to the environment, and my motivation for this blog is not to preach to all you ignorant polluters who have yet to see the light. This is not just a come-to-Jesus blog, as I am not interested in being the green version of Jerry Falwell. The truth is, I'm actually not all that good at keeping up with environmental practices. I'm passionate about the topic, I love to waste all sorts of time at work reading about it, and I've definitely made progress. But I still forget my canvas bags about 30% of the time, I threw away a plastic bottle (gasp!) in the regular garbage can at work the other day when I couldn't find a plastic recycling bin, and sometimes I'm just not in the mood to take the light rail into downtown, so I drive in, along with the million other energy-consuming, air-polluting commuters who also can't seem to be bothered to let someone else determine at least a few minutes of their schedule. Because let's face it: life is easier when you just go with the flow. And when the flow is considerably cheaper and more convenient, well hell, sometimes the temptation is just too strong.

I was motivated to start this blog as a sort of accountability measure. After all, if I'm publicly decrying the use of plastic bags, I'd better put my canvas where my mouth is, right? It also gives me a forum for researching and thinking through various environmental issues. My plan is to write about toxins in make-up, easy environmentally friendly changes in household chores and products, and some day, a comprehensive how-to for anyone else who, like us, is planning to remodel their home a la Green. Along the way I hope to learn about other areas of living green, as well as maybe throw in a few posts about eating healthy and keeping your kids from turning into overweight computer zombies. As I learn about this stuff, I'll document it here for my own reference, and hopefully help out someone else who is as curious about all of this as I am.

Well, it's time for my (non-organic) nightly glass of (heart-healthy) red wine. I hope you will tune in as I get this blog off the ground. My hope is to add a creative flair and hopefully a little humor along the way. Cheers.

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