Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I heart Corporate America

7 April, 2008

To whom it may concern at Laura Mercier cosmetics,

I have been using your products for years, with no idea that any of them could be dangerous, especially during pregnancy. After all, there is no warning label (not one that I could find, anyway). Now I find out, on the Skin Deep database, that the foundation In Style magazine tags with their "Best Beauty Buy" award every year received a Highly Hazardous rating, as do many of your other products. I have since learned that there are safe and effective alternatives to the potentially dangerous chemicals in your products. Does your company plan to switch over, especially considering the new EU regulations? I'm very disappointed in all of this, as I will no longer be ac ustomer of yours (and will discourage my friends and family as well) until this changes, and I can be guaranteed (not just told) that my cosmetics are safe. I look forward to your response.



Thank you for your feedback on our products. I will forward your email to our Product Development Team to make them aware of your suggestion and the changes we need to make to our Cosmetics!

Sandra Duckworth
Customer Service


I followed up with an additional email, asking if I could expect to hear from someone in Product Development. No reply. But I'm sure they'll take my feedback to heart. Right?

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