Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Item Numero Uno - My daily face moisture lotion

I'm pleased to announce to myself that the first thing I put on my face in the morning only has a few potentially hazardous ingredients, putting it at the low end of the Moderately Hazardous category (a 3 out of 10). What's kind of sad is that a 3 is pretty good, comparatively speaking. While it's not the safest of its kind on the market, it's better than most, so I'm not sure if I'll change. Maybe I'll try one of the safer ones out there (Vanicream with SPF30 is supposedly a 1, making it almost as safe as you can get).

If you're interested in my daily moisture lotion with sunscreen (SPF30), this is it:

I tried to paste a picture of it, but surprisingly, manufacturers don't seem interested in making it easy for you to rip out a pic of their product and post it on your blog.

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