Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A rogue faux journalist takes on Big Make-Up

OK, I realize they don't call themselves Big Make-Up. I just like how that sounds. Makes me giggle a little, and when dealing with something this enormous and depressing, a little giggle here and there is helpful. Anyway, the point of this entry is to explain my strategy for answering some key questions I have about what I've been reading in Exposed, particularly those related to my every day beauty routine. While I put a high priority on looking good, I'm not sure as I'm willing to kill myself to do it. So here goes.

Goal: To figure out which cosmetics and personal hygiene products are least hazardous.
Plan: Go to the Cosmetic Database and research every product I use to find its safety rating.

Goal: To find out what's keeping the make-up companies I use currently not using the safest ingredients from switching to safer ones (sure seems like an obvious change to make, from my non-business perspective).
Plan: To call and/or email every company I currently buy from and get a direct answer from somebody (I'm not kidding - this is the rogue part).

Goal: To learn about the potentially hazardous substances I can't seem to avoid because they even exist in the "natural" and "organic" product lines.
Plan: Lots of research.

Goal: To explain my findings to you, the reader.
Plan: To explain my findings to you, the reader.

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